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Rachel Jordan


Name: Rachel Lydia Jordan

School: Dekalb School of the Arts

Grade: 11

Passion: Theatre and Dance

Hometown: American Born, Jamaican Heritage

Favorite Play: I like all plays!  Porgy and Bess is my favorite though, because the singing is gorgeous.  And the acting is gorgeous.  And the people are gorgeous.

Favorite Movie: Stomp the Yard because it’s a dance movie.

Favorite Actor: Bill Cosby because he is hilarious

Favorite Dancer/Choreographer: Alvin Ailey because he incorporates gospel songs with dance.  They aren’t separate, they become one thing together.

What is your job in the Teen Ensemble’s production of fml: how Carson McCullers saved my life by Sarah Gubbins?: Assistant Stage Manager

Why do you think this play is important?: Because of all the suicides that have happened because of bullying.  This is a good way to educate people, both gay and straight, about how to deal with issues like this in the right way.

Why do you think theatre as an art form is important?: Theatre is important because it takes people away from their normal lives and lets them see situations from a different point of view.

What do you want to be when you grow up: Actor

What do you love about the Teen Ensemble?: I love the Alliance Theatre so much!  They teach kids how to act before they throw them on stage and they always pick shows that are meaningful.


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