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Name:  Meredith F. (Teen Press Corps Member!)
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Age: 18

Let’s establish the basics: I’m Meredith and I’m in my senior year. I love to read and go to concerts. I adore my cat, Katniss, along with my 3 other cats and 6 dogs between my mom’s and dad’s houses. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge lover of animals. For this reason, I’ve been a vegetarian for short time now, since the beginning of 2014. But none of this is really why I’m here.

I’m a member of the ArtsVibe Teen Press Corps because I care about art. I am an artist. I’m a photographer, dancer, and cellist. I spend most of my time immersing myself in these arts that allow me to express my creativity and feel refreshed. I’ve always been interested in the arts for as long as I can remember. As a toddler I was always singing and dancing, so my mom decided to put me in dance classes. I dropped it for a few years, but noticed a void where dance had been and knew I had to start again. I started playing the cello when I entered middle school, but I had never expected to love it as much as I do now; it’s so soothing to me. But I think photography was my real first love with art.

In about the 6th grade, I got my own computer and spent way too much time online, specifically finding new songs and bands. As I developed a taste in music, I found a lot of cover art that drew me in. I became fascinated with the art of taking photos and the way they could make me feel. I started collecting cameras very quickly and my fascination grew into a hunger. At this point, I almost crave taking photos. If I get on a kick of inspiration, I feel driven to get out and shoot. One of my biggest inspirations is my favorite musician, Lana Del Rey. She is my primary muse in my creative vision. Everything from her poetic lyrics and her unmistakable voice to her melodic string arrangements and her perfectly poignant music videos give off a certain tone that I can’t help but feel inspired by. She always seems to have an idea that she wants to convey and a manner in which she can perfectly get that idea across to her audience, while still leaving room for personal interpretation. She embodies the elements of artistry that I truly admire and strive for within my own work.

My goal in being a member of the ArtsVibe Press Corps is to vocalize my adoration and appreciation for the arts to my peers within my school and within the Metro-Atlanta area. I want everyone to see what I see, but through their own lenses. I want to see fresh faces attending art events, even if it’s just for that one time. Art isn’t everyone’s “thing”, of course, but if I can get someone to just try art, I will feel accomplished. Too many teens have this idea of art that is extremely limited. I want to show them the diversity and the hard-work and passion in all art from the rap they play on their systems to the clothes they spend their paychecks on. Ideally, we could all recognize and appreciate and then be able to discuss art as a whole. This is my vision that is pushing me to spread the word and the ultimate impact of ArtsVibe.

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