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Lauren H. 2

Name:  Lauren H. (ArtsVibe Teen Press Corps Member!)
Hometown:  Gainesville, GA
Age:  17

Hello everybody. My name is Lauren and I am a 17 year old aspiring writer who lives in North Georgia. I’m a senior in High School and cannot wait to be finished, only three more credits to go!!! I’m Homeschooled and have been for 7 years. I’m originally from DeKalb but I live in Hall County now.

I’ve been creating things my whole life through writing, draw, painting, and a little bit of acting, though I’m not very good at it. I love music and constantly have it playing, however I have absolutely no talent whatsoever so for you guy’s sake I’ll just admire from afar. . Lately I’ve been really into drawing tattoo-esque drawings because I think the lines in the drawing themselves are so beautiful. I’m normally a fiction writer, with a reflection of my own life, so this program is pretty different for me but I think this will be fun. I’m a HUGE literature nerd, from classics to current novels to poetry and sonnets, I read it all, and then I generally complain about how bad the movie adaptions are, I mean why can’t they be three days long and have every single detail from the book?

I’ve always been surrounded by the arts, my parents and older brother were all in band and drama, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I use my writing as a way to express myself and I love when I have others tell me that they connect with what I’ve written. I think that everyone should have at least one outlet to express themselves and to connect with others on a deeper level, whether it’s creative or not, and I think that the place where we really discover what that outlet is is in middle school and high school and without arts programs we’ll never have the chance to do that. I don’t think people realize that even though arts programs don’t bring in money, or as much as athletic programs, they’re just as important. And that is why I’m so honored to be in this program help BRING THE VIBE BACK!

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