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Name:  Blair M. (ArtsVibe Teen Press Corps Member!)
Hometown:  Grayson, GA
Age:  16

When I was little, I would take an old flashlight and pick out from the old dusty books that were settled in my family library. I’d end up under my covers with about thirteen stuffed animals and read until my mother or father came in to check on me. I’d get reprimanded, have the book taken away from me and be told to go back to sleep. At that point, I’d just go and find a different book.

My name is Blair M. Though I am not a fan of self-proclaimed titles I think of myself as an artist, writer, and overall maker of anything creative that I can think of.  I started my interest in the arts at an early age by creating several short stories. They were simple and unoriginal and a huge stepping-stone into my early development as an artist and to who I am today.

My short stories led me to bigger thinking about characters, script writing, and character design.  I often found myself doodling in school notebooks to better myself from stick drawings to a comprehensible human eye. I am now in a New Media Design class in school to better myself in my artistic ability. 

I believe that art is something that’s been molded over the years into a great and beautiful result. I believe that art can push an individual to great heights and help them find something in themselves they never thought they would find. It’s something that is used for self-expression and as an outlet for all the wonderful ideas people can have.

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