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By:  Lauren H., Teen Press Corps Member

Need a new inspiration in your life? I’ve got just the girl for you.

At first glance Ally Del Monte looks like a pretty normal 16 year old girl. From her love of 1D  and 5SOS to music and singing, you would never guess just how incredible she is. Ally runs a website called losergurl.com where she empowers those who aren’t, shall we say magazine perfect; like recently putting a spin on the new term D.U.F.F. and making it into something encouraging instead of derogatory; and of course, obsess over her favorite bands.

Ally has also used her website to build an anti-bullying campaign called #BeBrave which encourages people to speak out about theirs and others bullying experiences, something that Ally herself has been courageous enough to do on her YouTube page (I’ll put the link to those videos at the bottom).

Now trying to fix big problems isn’t a new thing for Ally. In fact, at 10 years old, Ally wrote and illustrated a children’s book called Lilly’s Story to help her local animal shelters. I don’t know about you but at 10 years old, I wasn’t thinking about my local animal shelters.

Now if none of this impresses you, then you know some really awesome people, and you should tell them that, because everyone needs a little bit of love in their life.

Follow this link to Ally’s bullying story.

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