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Let’s Dance
By: Paige J., Teen Press Corps Member

Saturday, February 21st, I walked into the ArtsVibe Teen Lounge. There were a few teens at the tables, doing a craft, some gathered around the guitar, and a group listening to a man with a camera.

I came to the lounge Saturday for a meeting, but came early in order to get pictures. I walk towards the teenagers gathered for the music video workshop, mainly for the picture effect for the website. The group begins to suggest songs for the video. The group settled on a Meghan Trainor song “Lips are Movin'” for its catchy beat that makes choreography easy.

IMG_2474The group of teens begin as a quite group. People who knew each other talked together. That began to change as the camera dude asked for suggestions for the video. Suggestions included the one guy in the group swiping through the girls as if it was Tinder and a close up of each girls’ lips mouthing the lyrics. It was at this point that I put down my camera and began to participate. I didn’t plan to- I can’t dance for my life and I’m much more comfortable behind the camera. However, the energy from the others inspired me to get outside of my comfort zone.

I wasn’t the only one outside of my comfort zone. Abbey V., a sophomore at Veritas Classical Schools and Lily D., a homeschooled sophomore, have never danced or filmed anything. Lily is an artist and Abbey is an athlete; the music video became a combination of both their talents. Lily was attracted to the music video because “it looked fun.” It’s the only reason needed.

Those of us without experience were taught by those with specific interest. Barbara K., 14, is interested in acting and dancing, which is why she came to her first ArtsVibe event ever. The best part of ArtsVibe is that Barbara began the day not knowing anyone and by the end everyone was tight. Karris M.and Hannah B., 15 from Pebblebrook High School, taught the rest of dances for the video. Goodness, they were great. Karris has been dancing for almost two years and wants to choreograph dances for videos similar to these in the future. Hannah and Karris were wonderful teachers; we learned the moves and we felt comfortable dancing.

As we began to film our video, Mirella R., 15 from Pebblebrook, worked behind the camera as we danced in the front. Mirella understands my desire to stay behind the camera, and she rocked it. The other teens visiting the lounge looked interested and encouraged us. Never once was there a moment were we felted judged or uncomfortable.

This is what I learned from this experience:
1) People won’t judge when you try something new (isn’t that the point of ArtsVibe?)
2) Take people outside of their comfort zone and they become fast friends.
3) There’s a lot to learn from other artists. That was my favorite part.



Pictures by Paige J.  The music video workshop was a part of a collaboration between the Wells Fargo ArtsVibe Teen Program and re:imagine/ATL. For opportunities like this music video workshop, check out more upcoming Teen Lounges at artsvibe.com/events.

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