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Just Some Words
By:  Lauren H., Teen Press Corps Member

When you create things, and then put those things out there for the world to see, there is always going to be that one person that sees what you do as nothing significant, something that isn’t challenging at all. But you see, that one person is missing something, the passion and heart that goes into the project, and the time it took to perfect the techniques used to create the piece. Very few of us are born with natural, perfect talent for something, and even if we are, do you ever see a prodigy not working on their craft? My name is Lauren, and this is how I became a writer.

I’ve written for as long as I can remember, it was also natural for me, and I thought it was that way for everyone else too. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that my writing skill was really challenged and for a while it wasn’t so natural and I was extremely frustrated with that. I remember I was dumbfounded the first time I got anything less than a 100 on an essay. Me, Lauren Hutton, a teacher’s pet from the first day I ever stepped foot into a school building, hadn’t gotten a one hundred, it was inconceivable to me. But shock wasn’t the only thing I felt, I also felt the determination to do even better on the next essay until I was acing every single one, and I did. Now of course I loved getting those 100s but something else was happening, and I didn’t know what at first. Then I realized that I had fallen in love with the challenge that writing presented me, and that I loved watching myself grow in something that I enjoyed so much. And that’s when I chose writing as my career path.

When I decided that writing was the path for me I made sure that I wrote at least once a day, other than any school work. Even if it was a poem that didn’t rhyme, or all the random thoughts that were floating around in my head, I just wrote. I used this time for perfect me writing style, much to the dismay of my teachers I love writing conversationally, and to make myself comfortable with my new found love. And then, when I started being satisfied with my writing, which was more than a year later, here’s where that time thing comes in, I started posting things online for critique. For me, I think that’s where I really grew. To know that someone out there enjoyed reading my stories, and could even lose themselves in them, that is a feeling I could never, ever describe, and I started adapting so I could make this happen for my readers. Once I started getting an overall positive response form my peers I started getting college professors to look at my work. Nobody likes being told that they aren’t right and need to change whatever they are doing, especially by people you are trying to impress, but it’s also amazing when they just sit there and stare at your work dumbfound, or when they squeal because they love it so much. Now there were definitely times that I wanted to stop and give up writing because it was too hard or too much work or the critique from a certain person was really harsh, but if I had stopped there I would have no way to express myself. For me that was always the deciding factor, I was either going to suck it up and use my passion to push through my writers block, or allow the passion to fuel my depression. Obviously I chose the first option, the second option was deadly. And you know, I think I made the right choice. And now it’s time for a new way to grow my writing, hello ArtsVibe.

Now I’m not saying that writing isn’t still hard sometimes, you would not believe what I went through to write this article, but that joy that I get when it’s finished, and the feeling that maybe somebody else needed to hear what I had to say, pushes me to figure out how finish. Whether that means that I need to lie on the floor and listen to music for an hour, which is what I did tonight, or I need to draw, or go outside, or read other peoples work, I’ll do it, all for the sake of writing something that I’m proud of. I think that’s what it all comes down to, making something that you’re proud of. That’s why we work to become better at our skill, so we can be proud of our accomplishments, isn’t it? And honestly it doesn’t matter whether somebody else thinks what we do is challenging or not, we know, and trust me, you ask anybody else that does something similar to what you do, and they’ll know to. So here’s my suggestion to you, if it makes you happy, never stop, no matter what anybody says, whether they think that it’s easy or impossible,  no matter how much work it is, or how challenging it gets sometimes, never stop.

*Lauren’s article is part of a multi-part series from Teen Press Corps Members.  Read more articles like this one here.

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