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By:  Blair M., Teen Press Corps Member

When you were little, do you remember crawling into bed and having your parent or guardian tell you a bedtime story? You know the feeling – warm, fuzzy or nostalgic?

You’d listen happily as they read from a book (or made something up on the spot) while flipping the page and saying each word slowly enough for you to catch until you fell asleep.

That was an example of traditional storytelling, something we’ve all come to appreciate.

However, for last three months, I’ve been attending Digital Media Club at the Woodruff Arts Center, a program presented by the ArtsVibe Teen Program and Arts for Learning. So far, my experience has been amazing! The wonderful Liz Davis and Sean Lawley and teaching artist Anandi Salinas direct a group of students in grades 7-12  to explore the arts along with the process of making “digital stories”.

For those of you who don’t know what digital stories are, they’re productions of videos or short movies that tell a story in a non-traditional way.

Every month the team comes together to brainstorm ideas, explore the Woodruff campus for ideas, and spark off one another for inspiration. Due to conflicts and commitments, I’ve missed a couple of meetings but I’ve recently come back to be remind just how much I love digital storytelling!

Expect great things from this group!

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