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“Entirely Unforgettable” – A Review of Teen Night @ the ASO, March 21
By: Lily D., ArtsVibe Teen Council Member

On March 21, 2015 classical guitarist Miloš Karadaglić joined the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for an outstanding performance, playing works by composers Manuel de Falla, Joaquín Rodrigo, and Modest Mussorgsky. Hearing the classical guitar, an uncommon element in an orchestra setting was a delight to the ear and senses. When placed amongst instruments such as violins and cellos, the classical guitar took on a new form, emitting a sound of elegance and drama. The overall experience evoked conflicting emotions, as so often happens when experiencing music in a Symphony setting. At one moment I found myself smiling, and a few later, near to crying. Tension and joy were constantly at battle within me throughout the entirety of the performance. The audience was covered by an overlay of focus throughout the concert, exhibiting the dreamlike effect brought on by Miloš’s playing. As a guitarist myself, it was mind-boggling to watch as Miloš’s hands drifted over the neck of the guitar so effortlessly, and yet producing such precise and sharp notes. The hush of the audience was broken only a few times, including the time in which Miloš addressed the audience to explain the piece he was to play. He presented to the audience the classical guitar in a traditional yet innovative way, all the while in utmost poise and charm.

The night’s experience began with a spectacular performance by the Advanced Guitar Ensemble from St. Pius X Catholic High School. This truly impressive group preformed pieces by Karl Jenkins, David Adele, Roland Dyens, and Koji Kondo. The talent of these young classical guitarists acted as a wonderful prelude to the performance by Miloš Karadaglić later in the evening. After the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert, Miloš joined the ArtsVibe Teen Program in a Question/Answer session with teens from the Metro Atlanta area. During this session, Miloš answered questions about his inspirations, guitar career, and practice routines. He also explained the differences between performing and recording in a studio. He discussed the importance of performing, and how it enhanced the knowledge of playing his instrument, and how he feels it makes him a better artist.  In response to the question as to his favorite place to perform, Miloš recognized Japan, as its culture exhibits a sense of focus found rarely in other locations. During this session, Miloš commented that the guitar was the “instrument of the people.” He spoke passionately of how the guitar is one of the few instruments of such verity, found everywhere from a café to the symphony. The night’s experience beginning with a performance by the Advanced Guitar Ensemble from St. Pius X Catholic High School, to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert, ending with the Q/A session with Miloš Karadaglić was truly memorable, and entirely unforgettable.

**There are two more opportunities to attend a Teen Night @ the ASO this season.  Check them out here.

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