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Teen Artwork Spotlight 1

A Simple Note
By: Amira W.

One single note resonates off the interior of the wooden instrument
Only one bow stroke to make the string sing
A bird tweeting with happiness when spring rids the earth of winter’s weather
Rosin puffs up like a cloud of thick smoke
Making my nose tingle and twitch
The sound of the note floats into my mind
And it stays there
Mesmerizing me
Taunting me
Pulling me into its isolated core
And trapping me there – but not against my own will
I chose to be trapped
Because I enamor the sound
The music
The richness of it all
The way one note blends into another
And then I lose myself
It’s only me, my violin, and the tune it hums
Soft, at first
Then louder and louder
Engulfing my whole body in its wonder
Extraordinary magic
And to think
It’s all because of one simple note
One single sound
That this sometimes unfathomable reaction takes place

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