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12 Things Only Photographers Understand
By: Paige J., Teen Press Corps Member

1) Waking up at 5 am in order to get sunrise shots.

 cinemagraph animated GIF

2) You’re super strong since you’re used to carrying camera equipment with you

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3) When you go shopping for new lenses…

shopping animated GIF

4) When people catch you trying to get an candid shot and they pose.

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5) When people get in the way of your shot.


Angry Black animated GIF

6) When people use your photos without giving you credit

annoyed animated GIF

7) Feeling naked without your camera

Embarassed Embarrassed animated GIF

8) When people diss your camera and say that you wasted your money when you could just use your phone.

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9) Asking your friends to model for you.

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10) Balancing your personal Instagram account with your photography account.

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11) People don’t take your art seriously

Death Glare Death Stare animated GIF

12) But when you get the perfect shot…

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